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The Walking Dead Icons

Welcome to twd_icon a community for posting fanart from the AMC TV series, The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead, based on the on-going comic book series published by Image Comics since 2003, follows the story of a man, officer Rick Grimes, who wakes to a world that has changed beyond recognition. Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in search of a secure place after a zombie apocalypse. Besides trying to maintain their own safety, the survivors must also deal with the interpersonal conflicts developing amongst themselves, and just what lengths they'll go to to stay alive.

▪ In this community you can post any art relating to The Walking Dead and any of the cast members.
Please remember to tag your entries
No more than 3 icons in your preview.
If you are posting your icons in the community put the rest under a cut.

If you have any problems please leave a comment in the Page A Mod thread and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Comments are screened for privacy.

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